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About X-Analytics Approach

X-Analytics Approach

Business Context for Effective Cyber Risk Management.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders

What is our business and financial exposure to cyber risk?

Understand where you have likely business and financial impacts introduced by potential cyberattacks. Identify and prioritize the mitigation actions and overall strategy most effective to reduce potential impacts, benchmark, track and communicate progress achieved by your business optimized risk reducing cyber risk program.

How can can we prioritize cyber risk mitigation?

X-Analytics delivers powerful insights at unprecedented speed. With a few clicks on a simple and secure SaaS-based web application, you have a comprehensive report that presents your overall cyber risk condition, explains the threats, describes how to best protect assets, and suggests the most effective controls for mitigation.

How can I communicate successful risk outcomes?

X-Analytics outputs help you effectively communicate cyber risk and how it aligns with your business objectives. X-Analytics gives you the metrics you need to support and justify your recommendations for how to protect the company with the best risk mitigation strategy and where to dedicate the next dollar for investment.

Align cybersecurity with business outcomes

Elevated Communication

Converts confusing cybersecurity metrics into business aligned metrics to facilitate a business friendly consersation related to this complex risk category. Effectively bridges the communication gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Optimized Risk Mitigation

Provides a clear and prioritized understanding of top risk scenarios and control areas that would best improve your cyber risk condition and protect your investment.

Return on Cyber Risk Investment

Simulates return on investment for new and inflight cyber risk projects and technology investments. Establishing True Cybersecurity ROI.

Effective Reporting

Presents a clear, holistic picture of your cyber risk condition to corporate directors and members of the executive leadership team to inform cyber risk decisions.

Taking Cyber Risk Maturity
to the Next Level

X-Analytics leverages over 100 publicly accessible data sources, continuously updating its analytics to reflect the rapidly evolving cyber threat environment. This includes dynamic variables such as threats, financial impacts, and incident probabilities across more than 23 industry verticals and 18 geographic regions. Enter input from NIST and other cybersecurity maturit assessment data to transcend technical noise and deliver the clarity expected in your business.

Easy to Use

Understanding your business and financial exposure to cyber risk is easy in X-Analytics. Many of our customers are able to get started in as little as an hour. With no agents to deploy and no consulting projects required, X-Analytics has set the standard for leading organizations to build cyber risk strategy most effective to manage the complexity of cyber security risk. With X-Analytics you can quickly build effective cybersecurity strategy as well as benchmark and communicate success overtime.

X-Analytics Approach in Depth

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