X-Analytics Launches PE Edition Advancing Cyber Resilience Across Private Equity Portfolios to Preserve Investment Value


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X-Analytics Launches PE Edition Advancing Cyber Resilience Across Private Equity Portfolios to Preserve Investment Value

Press release can be located here.

The release reads:

Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC) the innovators behind X-Analytics, the premier cyber risk decisioning application, today announced X-Analytics – PE Edition empowering private equity and other investment firms with unparalleled insights into their portfolios’ financial exposure to cyber risk – allowing investment leaders to make more effective cyber investments and meet the anticipated U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposed regulatory requirements impacting the investment management industry and publicly listed companies.

"The increasingly disruptive nature of cyber-attacks now requires an effective approach to understanding the individual and aggregate potential financial impact across private equity investments,” said Kevin Richards, President of Cyber Risk Solutions at SSIC. “Connecting effective cyber risk financial exposure reduction to preserve value across PE portfolios is expected now more than ever.”

X-Analytics – PE Edition (XA-PE) is a highly scalable application tailored to the needs of private equity and other investment firms.

Through the power of X-Analytics, XA-PE brings cyber risk financial exposure insights to the fingertips of investment portfolio leaders highlighting:

  • Individual portfolio company and aggregated financial exposure resulting from cyber risks,
  • Common cyber control exposures across the portfolio and the financial exposure resulting from those weaknesses,
  • Dynamic views aligning financial cyber risk exposure across investment funds and fund management teams,
  • An efficient and effective due diligence capability that allows deal teams to assess systemic risk to inform investment decisions,
  • A streamlined cyber control view that maps to industry leading cyber frameworks (NIST CSF and CIS CSC) providing easy integration into cyber technical team activities.

XA-PE is delivered as an annual subscription, with customers gaining valuable insights in just a few days – enabling fund leaders to track the progress of cyber capability improvements across their portfolio, while overlaying the dynamic changes resulting from cyber attackers over time.

X-Analytics is used by Fortune 500 companies and other public and private corporations globally to understand and manage their financial exposure to cyber risk – and ultimately supporting their goal of delivering cyber resiliency.

About X-Analytics

X-Analytics the leading cyber risk resiliency platform developed by Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC) – a cyber risk analytics firm whose mission is to ensure a cyber resilient future. X-Analytics delivers business intelligence unlocking cyber risk strategies most effective to optimize successful business outcomes. X-Analytics is transforming how executives, the boardroom community and the cyber insurance industry effectively manage exposure to cyber risk. For more information, visit the X-Analytics website.


Press contact: [email protected]

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