Case Studies

Cyber Risk Management in Full Color, Not Just Shades of Grey

The Customer

Our customer is a global leader in the paint industry with a rich history dating back to the 1800s. Since then, the company has evolved into a multi-billion dollar corporation with a broad spectrum of products and services. Our customer's commitment to innovation is not just limited to its products; it extends to how the company approaches security and privacy in an increasingly digital world.

The company recognizes the importance of understanding and managing the financial risks associated with security and privacy, particularly in a manufacturing and retail-oriented industry. The dual nature of their business – manufacturing paint and operating retail stores – presents unique challenges in cybersecurity and privacy risk management and safeguarding its operations, customer data, and reputation.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for our customer in cybersecurity was managing and presenting privacy and security risks in financial terms. This task is particularly complex in a company of its scale and diversity. Understanding these risks in economic terms is not just a matter of internal governance; it's also crucial for effective communication with stakeholders who may not have a technical background in security.

The dynamic and multifaceted nature of cybersecurity threats and the need to comply with various regulations and standards made it imperative for our customer to adopt a solution that could simplify and communicate these risks in an understandable and actionable format. The objective was to present complex security and privacy risks aligning with the business understanding of various internal stakeholders, including executive positions.

The Solution

In addressing these challenges, our customer turned to X-Analytics, a sophisticated cyber risk analysis and reporting platform platform providing key insights for budgeting and identifying areas with the greatest return on investment potential. X-Analytics has been particularly useful in identifying high-ROI areas like access management.

By utilizing X-Analytics, our customer can now access industry trends and analytics that were previously unavailable. The platform has offered new perspectives on managing security risks and has proven valuable in reporting to the business leaders and their Board of Directors.

The Result

Implementing X-Analytics, our customer has revolutionized their approach to cybersecurity risk management. The platform enables the company to frequently evaluate its security posture, moving from annual to multiple yearly assessments. This is crucial in adapting to the dynamic nature of cyber threats. X-Analytics also provides a financial presentation of cyber risks, offering a clear view of industry exposure and supporting informed decision-making. Its ability to deliver a tailored, multifaceted view of business operations enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their risk management processes.

The strategic application of X-Analytics has shaped long-term cybersecurity strategies and aligned cybersecurity measures with its business objectives, setting a new standard in cyber risk management.

Setting a New Standard
for Cyber Risk Governance

Our customer’s successful implementation of X-Analytics sets a new benchmark in the industry for cyber risk governance. By integrating cutting-edge technology with strategic business insights, the firm has enhanced its cybersecurity posture and redefined how cyber risks are perceived and managed within the private equity sector. Their experience demonstrates the effectiveness of aligning advanced technological solutions with core business strategies to address the evolving challenges of cyber threats.
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