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NACD Cyber Risk Reporting

Cyber Risk Reporting

Make the business case for cybersecurity.

Deliver Cyber Risk Clarity

Demystify the complex world of cybersecurity with the X-Analytics Cyber Risk Reporting
Service, a transformative solution recommended by the National Association of Corporate Directors 
(NACD). X-Analytics, combined with the NACD’s board services team provides you a solution 
to effortlessly convert the highly technical nature of cyber-risk into clear business metrics, empowering effective communication and governance across the C-Suite and into the board room.

Deliver Cyber Risk Clarity

With the X-Analytics Cyber Risk Reporting Service, our customers achieve alignment between
enterprise cyber risk management activities and effective governance.

Incorporate financial cyber-risk exposure analysis

Benchmark cyber risk business and financial exposure within your industry peer group, track and manage risk reducing progress overtime.

Establish prioritized risk mitigation plans:

Get specific guidance on reducing business
 and financial exposure to cyberattacks.

Transform technical security conversations

Facilitate effective board oversight discussions, establish business-aligned metrics, and benchmark and measure progress over time.

Demonstrate a strategic commitment to effective cyber-risk oversight

Our service leverages key principles outlined in the NACD Director's Handbook on Cyber-Risk Oversight.

Pursue Cyber Risk Clarity today.

As Peter Drucker once said:

"What gets measured, gets managed."

NACD Cyber Risk Reporting is more than just a tool — it's your strategic ally
in mitigating cyber threats and successfully enabling cyber risk governance
excellence across the C-Suite and into the boardroom.

Hear from our
Successful Customers

NACD Cyber Risk Reporting is a game-changer. It has completely transformed the way we
approach cyber risk at our organization.

– Board Member, Fortune 500 Banking Industry

The software's ability to simplify cyber-risk into digestible business-aligned metrics has
revolutionized our board discussions.

– Board Member, Leading Healthcare System