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Third Party

Third Party Cyber Risk

Reduce Business & Financial Exposure From Your Supplier Ecosystem.

Transform Your Approach to Third-Party
Cyber Risk Management

As business leaders managing outsourcing as part of digital transformation initiatives, understanding your cyber risk inside and outside of the “four walls” of your business is critical. X-Analytics provides you with the tools and insights you need to effectively manage your business exposures to cyber risks arising from third parties. X-Analytics illuminates the financial exposures lurking in your supplier ecosystem so you can focus your efforts on the biggest risks.

Manage Financial Exposure to Supplier Ecosystem

X-Analytics helps you navigate your supplier ecosystem confidently, significantly reducing your financial exposure to cyber threats.

Understand the Cyber-related Financial Exposure Created by Third Party

X-Analytics provides a clear and streamlined approach to understand the business implications of third-party cyber risks.

Collaborate with Suppliers to Reduce Cyber Risk

Our solution activates effective collaboration with your suppliers, making it possible to reduce cyber risks together.

Include Supply Chain Cyber Risk in Your Enterprise Cyber Risk Strategy

With X-Analytics, you can seamlessly integrate third-party cyber risk management into your broader enterprise cyber risk strategy.

Experience Success with X-Analytics

Don't just take our word for it. See what our customers are saying

“X-Analytics Supply Chain Module revolutionized our approach to third-party cyber risk. We
now manage our supplier ecosystem with a focus on reducing potential impacts”

– Cyber GRC Lead, Fortune 500 Life Sciences Industry

“Collaboration with suppliers has never been easier! We have significantly streamlined our third
party cyber process thanks to X-Analytics”

– CISO, Banking Industry

“High-profile attacks like SolarWinds and others remind us that we have to understand and protect all of the ways advanced attackers are trying to impact us – from our traditional data centers to all of vendors and suppliers.

With X-Analytics [Supply Chain], I was able to get a holistic view of organizational vendor-based cyber risk and at the same time was able to improve my third-party risk management process by reducing assessment times by 60%”

– Andy Bonillo, former CISO for Ciena Corporation