SSIC Releases X-Analytics Enterprise v3.0

Cyber risk decisioning innovation adds supply chain financial exposure analysis

(Arlington, Virginia – January 5th, 2021) – Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC), a cyber risk analytics firm whose mission is to improve how clients understand and manage financial exposure to cyber risk, announces the release of X-Analytics Enterprise version 3.0, its flagship cyber risk decisioning application, and introduces the launch of X-Analytics Enterprise Supply Chain.

X-Analytics Enterprise 3.0 intelligently and seamlessly incorporates the latest cyber threat context, business impact scenarios, CIS Critical Security Controls, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and MITRE ATT&CK framework for an unparalleled and immersive understanding of financial exposure due to cyber risk. With this understanding, organizations can optimize decisions to effectively accept, mitigate, or transfer financial exposure based on their unique risk tolerance.

“X-Analytics Enterprise 3.0 continues the evolution of our cyber risk decisioning innovation and removes the guesswork out of financial exposure analysis related to enterprise and supply chain cyber risk,” said John Frazzini, CEO and founder of SSIC. “Harmonizing cyber risk decisions based on our validated and defendable approach is the future of cyber risk management,” Frazzini added.

With X-Analytics Enterprise 3.0, organizations quickly and easily visualize cyber risk through the combined lenses of financial and technical understanding including the ability to:

  • Identify the cyber threats and control vulnerabilities most likely to result in significant financial and business impact

  • Develop most effective cyber control strategy to reduce financial exposure to cyber risk

  • Align cyber security investments and strategy with business objectives

  • Present executive management and Board members with understandable and actionable cyber insights

  • Understand enterprise financial exposure to cyber risk aligned to cyber insurance loss categories


Additionally, as organizations expand their digital relationships with service providers, suppliers, and other third parties, they are accumulating unseen financial exposure due to cyber risk. To understand and address this challenge, X-Analytics Supply Chain provides a robust financial and technical review of an organization’s cyber risk exposure for each member of its supply chain and third-party ecosystem.

“The insidious nature of hacking attacks – like the recent SolarWinds cyber event – bring urgent attention for businesses to understand the business impact related to their third-party relationships,” said Robert Rodriguez, Chairman and CEO of SINET. Rodriguez further added, “Using financial analytics to understand the potential adverse impact of your vender and supplier’s relationships is the future of third-party cyber risk management.”

X-Analytics Supply Chain is an add-on module to X-Analytics Enterprise and is an efficient, self-service solution allowing organizations to assess their financial exposure due to cyber risk from their vendor and supplier relationships. Supply Chain produces easy to understand supply chain and third-party cyber risk reports that provide enhanced cyber risk insights and can streamline procurement decisions.

X-Analytics Enterprise and Supply Chain leverage SSIC’s patented and validated X-Analytics cyber risk decisioning application. X-Analytics is trusted within the global insurance industry to underwrite billions of dollars of global cyber risk financial exposure and leading corporations to maximize the effectiveness of their cyber risk decisions. Both X-Analytics Enterprise 3.0 and Supply Chain are available for immediate release.

About SSIC

Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC) is a cyber risk analytics firm whose mission is to improve how businesses understand and manage cyber risk using financial analytics. X-Analytics is a patented and validated cyber risk decisioning platform that is changing how executives, boards and the risk management industry understand and manage cyber risk. For more information, please visit


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