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Business-aligned cyber risk lifecycle management.
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Prioritized cybersecurity strategy
meets business success.

X-Analytics enables our customers to bridge the gap between technical security data and strategic risk planning, develop optimized cyber risk reduction plans, and benchmark and communicate success overtime.
Demystify cybersecurity with clear business optimized outcomes.
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Translate cybersecurity metrics into business intelligence
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Develop the strategy most effective to deliver business success
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Communicate your true cybersecurity ROI
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Benchmark and communicate success overtime

Develop a Prioritize Cyber Risk Plan.
Deliver success.

X-Analytics is powered by historical cybersecurity data across 23 industries and fine-tuned with internal data from your own business.
To start, just enter your information using our step-by-step wizard – including your external audits, 10-K report, insurance policies, and IT infrastructure.
Getting started takes less than an hour.
so you can build risk profiles for your business units, product lines, applications, or security processes. When you complete each profile, X-Analytics will estimate your cyber exposure, recommend new strategies to reduce risk, and identify new opportunities to strengthen your business.

Dynamic Risk Governance

Operationalize a continuous process to manage business and financial exposure to cyber risk. Develop a business aligned cyber risk reduction plan, benchmark and communicate cyber risk governance progess over time.

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Become a budget hero

Establish your cybersecurity ROI. Connect budget with clear conection to reduction of business and financial exposure potential cyber attacks. Bring business clarity to the technical complexity of cybersecurity risk.

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Analyze ROI for existing investments

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Estimate ROI for “what-if” scenarios

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Select the most risk reducing controls and technologies

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Deliver a business aligned cybersecurity plan

Optimized Cyber Insurance Coverage

Harmonize your cyber insurance policy with your optimized risk reduction plan. Ensure your insurance provides coverage with clarity.

Prepare for SEC cyber disclosures

The SEC’s latest cybersecurity disclosure rules require public companies to provide detailed and timely information about their cybersecurity risks and preparedness. X-Analytics provides data to meet these requirements, connecting enterprise cybersecurity strategy with effective management of cyber risk exposure.


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Exclusively recommended by the National Association of Corporate Directors for cyber risk reporting, including SEC cybersecurity disclosure requirements.